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In April, a massive earthquake in Nepal triggered landslides, avalanches and building collapses. Many people died or were injured and others lost their livelihoods. Many culturally significant buildings and basic infrastructure was destroyed.

Many Whitehorse Canoe Club members and others in the Victorian paddling fraternity have experienced paddling the fantastic Nepalese rivers and enjoying the beauty of the country and the Nepalese people. We wanted to support the Nepalese people in some small way.

Paddling friends of Miriam Pepper, Ram and Georgia Bhandari, have set up a fund to rebuild the Shree Jala Kanya Parimaki Primary School, located near Ram's home village in Nepal. The school has 351 students and was completely destroyed in the earthquake. So far they have managed to support a temporary structure but it will cost $20,000 to $30,000 to rebuild the school.

On Sunday 19 July Whitehorse ran a paddle and bbq to raise funds to support the rebuilding of the school. The bbq was held at Jumping Creek Reserve with participants paddling from Jumping Creek to Warrandyte. The gods were shining on us with rain the weekend prior bringing the river up to a nice level and the weather on the day being perfect. Approximately 50 people from Whitehorse Canoe Club, other canoe clubs, local residents, other paddlers, basically anyone, turned up to support the cause. Ram and Georgia came and Ram provided an overview of the work they are doing to rebuild the school and support the local community.

Approximately $1,500 was raised on the day and after electronic transfers were included a total of $2,000 was raised!

If you would like to find out more information on the rebuilding project and how you can support it please go to Ram and Georgia's website: http://www.whitewaternepal.com/about-us/.

Read more about the event and see photos from the day on the Whitehorse Canoe Club blog.

May 27 2015

A new paddling season is upon us! Start doing your rain dances and hoping for a good season!

The first major trip of the new season is the annual Queen's Birthday weekend trip to the Mitchell River which promises to be the usual fun. Contact Alison (no_spam_boyesm@ozemail.com.au) or Maddy (no_spam_maddy.lawrence@gmail.com) ASAP if you want to get on to this trip.

And check the calendar for all planned trips, as well as signing up to the facebook page (see the button to the left) for notifications and updates!