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Feb 2007 Goulburn and Wine


Our adventure started at 8:30am at the Plunkett Vineyard. Jumpers, muscles and waterproof clothing were a must. Some athletes needed a coffee, though I highly suggest the shopping (banana jam – yummy). No alcohol consumed at this stage.

With our Canadian Canoes ready for action, the professionals started their journey.

The first official drinking vineyard was at Mitchelton. The scenery was great from the tower and you felt you could see the whole country side (the adults loved the lift to the top). The gallery was very creative with bent steel and interesting plaster pieces. The red and white wines were good though only the expensive bottles grabbed my fancy!

Our athletes continue down stream to see some racing wallabies on the shore. With all this action, we were then starving.

We had lunch at Tahbilk Wetlands Café and thank god they had wine tasting as well. ( ). Imagine drinking and eating on a lovely long verandah and the view of the river, flowers and green trees around us. You would have thought I was drunk, though that was not the case, I think we were all in heaven with the sun shining down upon us.

We took a short cut through shallow waters and lilies that felt higher than they should be (a detour?). We kayakers love a challenge. Then came pirates (Brandon & Kaitlan), they were approaching fast on Harrison, Genevieve and dad Walter, they started paddling quicker than normal. All of sudden a race was on to the finish line, with water and paddles going everywhere, “no one” was going to come out dry.

The dash to land was neck and neck, who would win and who would be able to stay in their canoe. With tired muscles Harrison, Genevieve and Walter had won the race though next time the pirates will come more prepared!

With smiles on everyone’s faces and wind in our hair, the rest of the athletes continued home. From start to finish we paddled 15 kilometres and gee what an adventure; wallabies, water and wine!

Look forward to seeing you on another adventure soon.

Trainee Canadian Canoeist
Kaitlan Murray