Canoe Polo

Tell people you play canoe polo and you get a variety of responses. 'What, nude polo?' 'Don't the horses drown?' or just a look of total incomprehension. O.K. so it's not the highest profile sport around and the bloke that dreamed up the idea of getting ten people in kayaks to career around a swimming pool with the aim of throwing a ball into a goal suspended two metres off the water, must have been a marketing genius. But and this is a big but, it is a fantastic game to play. It must be one of the few games in the world where men and women, old and young can play competitively against each other. You can release all your pent up aggression by boat tackling or hand tackling the opposition but it is a game where injuries are few.

Interested? I hope so. Whitehorse has several teams in different grades in the Melbourne competition. Two seasons are played each year. The cost is about $100 per person, training is run regularly and playing equipment is available for hire.

You can find out further information by visiting the Canoeing Victorian Polo web page or by contacting the Whitehorse Canoe Club polo rep.