River Maps

The Whitehorse River Map project started after a couple of incidents on trips. We found that there was a need for maps that showed where the rapids were, where the hazards were and how to access the river, particularly any emergency access points. Topography maps didn’t show the information we needed and usually didn’t match the river sections we paddled. We decided to create our own river maps.

It took longer than we expected and lots of people were involved along the way, including a large number of past and present club members together with the 2002 final year students in Cartography and Multimedia Cartography at RMIT.

The purpose of the maps is to assist paddlers to paddle rivers safety. Paddling is inherently dangerous and rivers change due to floods, rock falls etc. You should rely on your own ability to assess rapids and river hazards.

A lot of time and effort have gone into these maps but we think it is important to get them out there so we've put them on our website for you to download.

We would appreciate any feedback so we can keep the maps up to date. Also we are planning to include new Victorian rivers so if you are interested in assisting in creating the maps please contact us.

E-mail maps@whitehorsecanoeclub.com for map enquiries and feedback.


You have to promise not to sue us over these maps. We are not for profit, doing this for the love of it, all care and no responsibility. Besides, we have no money anyway. There's a chance that some of the info is wrong or out of date, rivers do change their features. Do not rely on the maps as your only source of information and they are certainly no substitute for personal knowledge and experience of a river. Whitewater paddling is an adventure sport which carries with it inherent risks, you have to take responsibility for your own decisions and welfare. If that hasn't put you off then enjoy your paddling. Join the Whitehorse Canoe Club and help contribute to the paddling community.


The maps have been designed to print into an A3 size booklet if so desired, hence the numbering sequence. We have left them this way to be able to laminate each map to take along and mark-ups can be added with a chinagraph pencil. Obviously, any corrections are gratefully accepted, and GPS co-ordinates would be a welcome addition for newer versions.