Equipment Hire

WHCC has a wide range of kayaking and rafting equipment available for hire to members. Friends of members can also use the equipment, providing at the time of use, they are accompanied by a member. Hiring of equipment on non-club trips is available to members only following a probation period (once we get to know you).

WHCC Equipment

Name Specifications Description Image
Wavesport Diesel 70 Specifications:
Length – 244 cm, width 65 cm
Boat weight – 19.5 kg
Volume – 265 L
Suits paddler – 54 – 86 kg
River runner which can also be used for creeking. Fine for multi day trips. Wavesport Diesel 70
Dagger Nomad Large Specifications:
Length – 271 cm, width 69 cm
Boat weight – 23 kg
Volume – 363 L
Suits paddler – 77 – 120 kg
River runner which can also be used for creeking. (Note club boat can not be used for creeking due to repaired damage to boat). Great for multi day trips. Suits the bigger paddlers. Dagger Nomad Large
Dagger RPM Specifications:
Length – 272 cm, width 60 cm
Boat weight – 18 kg
Volume – 228 L
Suits paddler – 50 – 100 kg
River runner. Good boat to learn in. Keeps you honest but easy to roll. Not much space for gear for overnight trips. Dagger RPM
Jackson Dynamic Duo Specifications:
Length – 368 cm, width 67 cm
Boat weight – 36 kg
Volume – 537 L
Suits paddlers (combined) – 120 – 226 kg
Double whitewater kayak that enables experienced paddles to take less experienced paddlers to enjoy more challenging rivers. Not a lot of storage space for a multi day trip. Jackson Dynamic Duo
Soul Terrible Two Specifications:
Length – 287 cm, width 68.5 cm
Boat weight – 27 kg
Volume – 371 L
Suits paddlers (combined) – 140 kg (max weight of front paddler – 50 kg)
A whitewater kayak that takes a child in the front cockpit. Enables an experienced paddler to share the joy of whitewater with a child. (Make sure you read the safety information) Soul Terrible Two
Canoe Endeavour Plastic whitewater canoe with decks. Suitable for day / multi day trips. Can be used with canoe or kayak paddles. Canoe Endeavour
Mad River Canoe Composite open large whitewater canoe. Designed to paddle from the kneeling position but great fun for the family on flat water/small rapids.
Raft Incept W34S 3.4 metre 4 person self-bailing whitewater raft

Equipment includes frame, barrels, pump and paddles
Whitewater raft which is great for taking non paddlers or less experienced people on large rivers. The raft and equipment is great for multi day trips such as the annual Snowy River trip in November. Raft Incept W34S

Kayak / Canoe Hire

  • $5 per rolling night
  • $20 a day
  • $30 a weekend
  • $60 a week

Raft and associated equipment

  • $30 a day
  • $50 Deposit

For further information please e-mail the equipment coordinator.

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