The FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Enquiries – How to Join, Are you the right club for me?

  1. Hi, I've only just moved to Melbourne and I'm interested in joining a canoe club. I wondered if you could help.

    Have a read through the rest of the FAQ. If you like what you read then join up.

  2. How would I go about joining your club?

    Follow one of the membership links on the website to the membership information section for details. Then make sure you and your paddling gear are ready to go.

  3. Does the club also have social activities apart from the kayaking, water polo, etc?

    Many members do get together for activities like Mountain biking or Skiing. Such activities are organised by members themselves and are not necessarily advertised. It’s just a matter of joining in club activities and getting to know people. We use a yahoo group to get notices out. You can find us by searching for “whitehorse_canoe_club” on the yahoo group website.

  4. I’m keen to join one of your beginner kayak trips or a sea kayak trip. Where do I start?

    We expect you to have done a basic skills course or have equivalent experience. If you fit this criteria make contact with the person co-ordinating the river trip to discuss your suitability.

  5. I am a beginner whitewater kayaker/out of practice sea Kayaker who would love to get back out and to be able to get my husband involved as well. Can you help?

    We expect you to have basic river paddling skills so if you’re an experienced paddler who hasn’t been on the river for a while you’ll be fine. Partners are welcome of course but they still need those basic skills.

  6. I'm interested in joining your club. Do you have to be an experienced white water canoeist, which I'm not, to join?

    No you don’t. We do expect you to have done a basic skills course though or have equivalent experience.

  7. My 16 yo daughter is interested in getting some training / coaching in white water kayaking and doing some kayaking trips with a group. Could you please advise what opportunities might exist either with your club or someone else?

    We are not setup with clearances to work with juniors. Juniors that are accompanied on the river by a parent are fine.

  8. How do I hear about upcoming trips?

    The Calendar on the club website is the first place to look. Most trips are reliant on water falling from the sky though so all members should join our Yahoo email group. Upcoming trips are confirmed via the email group as well as any impromptu trips to take advantage of recent rain.

How does your Club Work? What’s the Story with Equipment?

  1. Do you have a club location and is there space to store kayaks?

    No - we don’t have club rooms, ie we don’t rent rooms, own rooms etc. The club stores its own gear, shared around people’s homes and garages. Private gear is stored privately.

  2. How often do you meet?

    We are an informal club. As a club, we meet regularly for committee meetings, usually once every 2 months. General members don’t usually (while being very welcome!) attend these meetings. We meet off the water at our AGM which is held in August and is combined with dinner where all members are encouraged to attend and catch up. We do have the occasional social function and advertised these on the yahoo group. The club primarily comes together on trips.

  3. Do you rent out kayaks, paddles, etc. for those members that don't have their own?

    The purpose of the club hire gear is to use on club trips as a learning aid and to tide you over briefly while you get your own gear. This helps you improve your skills, try some boats and get on the water etc. We also have limited safety gear items, eg cags, pdfs, helmets and a raft available. The hire gear is only available to club members who have up to date CV membership.

  4. I have a play boat however my husband does not have a boat, would we be able to borrow/hire from the club?

    See above and the hire rates are here.

  5. Could you please provide me with details of your club nights and how to get involved with the club?

    The yahoo group is the best way to keep in touch with the club. See above questions for more info.

  6. Hi, I am interested in learning white water and whilst I’ve done a little bit myself I thought it would be better to join a group to assist my development. I was wondering if you had any trips coming up and what is involved and included with joining your whitehorse club. At this stage I don’t have my own boat and one of the things that I would be interested in knowing is whether the club had any special rates for boat hire?

    All upcoming trips can be found on the trip calendar.
    Intro paddles usually occur before June and you’ll need to have good basic skills before coming along on one of these trips. See previous questions relating to boat hire, noting that hire of club gear is intended only for club trips.

The Paddling Scene in Victoria.

  1. I’ve just moved to Melbourne, what sort of paddling do you have here?’

    Our main paddling season is between June and October, however rainfall isn’t reliable so it is a matter of when the rivers rise we go. The rivers we paddle are mainly grade 2/3, with the odd grade 4. Over Summer there are two dam release rivers which can be paddled. Surfing is available all year round.

  2. Do you guys know of any play waves on rivers near Melbourne?

    All the play waves close to Melbourne require heavy rainfall, which is fairly unusual. So if it happens, go for it.

  3. Where are the best places to surf?

    There are various surfing websites with information on surf conditions etc. For kayak surfing point breaks or reef breads are preferred rather than beach breaks. Popular spots are Point Leo and Flinders on the east coast. Cat Bay on Phillip Island is also good. As far as surfing spots along the west coast are concerned: 13th Beach, near Barwon Heads Jan Juc beach, near Torquay, need to dodge board riders and swimmers when busy Pt Roadknight, near Anglesea, there’s a Point Break and the Beach needs easterly swell and incoming tide for best conditions. Urquharts Bluff, Near Anglesea, there’s a Point Break, Shelf Break and Beach on an incoming tide.

  4. I'm interested in getting into white water paddling and I guess the first thing to do, is get myself on a basic white water skills course. Could you advise me on the best approach for doing this?

    I refer interested people to Canoe Plus - they operate out of Kew near Melbourne. They run 'come and try days' intro courses' 'intermediate' all the way to learning to surf and play boat. Let Andy Farrance know I said “Hi” if you end up getting in touch with them. - click the learn to paddle link on the left.

Canoe Polo

  1. I have been out of the game for a year or so now and am looking to get back into it at Richmond. I have previously been registered with you and would like to re-register for the remainder of the financial year. I noted that I am not entitled to a reduced membership fee as I have previously been a member within the past 2 years. Would I please be able to obtain the partial season discount with you, as I would love to stay with the club. It seams quite expensive to pay for the whole year given there are only 3 months left!

    The canoe vic portion of the membership is available as a pro rata rate usually available from January. We update the fees as we’re made aware of the rate.

  2. We need written conformation from our club that we have paid our membership for this current canoe polo season. We all paid our memberships with WHCC a few weeks ago and Melbourne Canoe polo have not received any record of this!!! If we don't supply them with conformation this Wednesday 1st April we will lose all our premiership points. Please confirm via email before Wednesday please.

    Please send requests like this directly to